Victoria Skye: Embracing Freedom and Elegance

Victoria Skye's journey in modeling is a testament to the power of self-expression and the limitless possibilities that come with embracing one's true identity.

Victoria Skye: Embracing Freedom and Elegance 1

Capturing the essence of Los Angeles Fashion Week, Victoria Skye shines on the runway with celebrity designer Giannina Azar and her Pink Elegance collection

In the dynamic world of modeling, where self-expression and creativity intertwine, Victoria Skye’s journey in the modeling industry is as eclectic as her roots.

Dress, Giannina Azar.

Residing in the United States, Victoria Skye’s family mosaic reflects the rich tapestry of cultures and traditions. With a background that spans numerous countries, she has imbibed a global perspective, having lived and visited over 35 countries across Asia, the Middle East, Australia, Europe, and North America. This diverse upbringing has undoubtedly played a pivotal role in shaping her unique identity.

Armed with an economy degree and a background in women’s clothing design, Victoria’s professional journey took an unexpected turn toward the world of modeling. For her, modeling is more than just striking poses. She said, “Modeling is freedom. freedom to be myself, to explore and to express.” It allows her to explore and express her identity in ways that other professions may not permit. It is through modeling that she has discovered mind-blowing projects, pushing the boundaries of what she thought was possible.

Victoria Skye: Embracing Freedom and Elegance 2

LA Fashion Show & SAS studio.

Victoria Skye’s modeling experience has been diverse, ranging from collaborating with brands for editorial and printing materials to gracing the runways of prestigious fashion events. Recently, she made appearances at New York Fashion Week (NYFW), Los Angeles Fashion Week (LAFW), and the renowned Art Basel Miami. “The beauty of walking and emotions you get from the cheering crowd, those are unbeatable,” she describes.

With these experiences behind her, she sets her sights on pageants as her next destination.

Victoria Skye: Embracing Freedom and Elegance 3

Dress, Giannina Azar.

Ask Victoria about her favorite fashion style, and the answer resonates with her eclectic nature. She describes her look as a fusion of elegance, class, and a touch of sexiness. It’s a style that reflects not only her diverse background but also her personality—always daring, always stylish.

Miami Fashion Week x Giannina Azar.

While Victoria Skye identifies as a planner, she emphasizes the importance of living in the present and savoring each moment. Despite having a vision for the future, she embraces the uncertainty of tomorrow, acknowledging that life is a journey filled with surprises and opportunities. “So, we will see what tomorrow brings us!” she concluded.

Outfits, Morfium.

Victoria Skye on the runway of Morfium, Los Angeles Fashion Week.

Harper’s Bazaar Vietnam