The vision and entrepreneurial spirit of Vera Yanti Kretschmar

Let's delve into the inspiring story, the diverse business ventures, and the vision of Vera Yanti Kretschmar, a remarkable entrepreneur whose journey has taken her across the world.

The vision and entrepreneurial spirit of Vera Yanti Kretschmar 1

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Vera Yanti Kretschmar has set her foots across several continents building businesses. With over 14 years of experience in real estate investments, retail, and consumer products, she became a leading figure in the world of global business.

Anaya Aesthetics, a beauty clinic in Bali, is a destination for many people seeking trendy beauty treatments, skincare solutions, and non-invasive procedures. This place is a spiritual child of Vera Yanti Kretschmar. She told us, “My inspiration for entering the aesthetics industry came from my own experiences as a client seeking high-quality beauty treatments in a clean and modern environment.”

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While Anaya Aesthetics revolutionized the beauty industry in Bali, Vera’s other venture, Anaya Property Investments, set its sights on the real estate sector. With her innate ability to spot opportunities, Vera began investing in real estate a decade ago. Today, her real estate development company, based in Bali, focuses on creating innovative and sustainable real estate solutions.

In addition to her business endeavors, Vera founded Anaya’s Angels, a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing housing, education, and basic necessities to underprivileged girls in Bali. The project envisions a brighter future for these girls, offering access to a well-equipped library, computers, and a dedicated study hall. The girls also benefit from a focus on sustainability and health, including their own garden for fresh fruits and vegetables. Vera’s ultimate goal is to empower these girls with the tools they need for a prosperous future.

The vision and entrepreneurial spirit of Vera Yanti Kretschmar 2

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When asked about her vision for Anaya’s Angels and the long-term impact she hopes to achieve, Vera emphasizes the importance of education in Indonesia, particularly for girls who often lack access to quality education. Her vision extends beyond providing housing and basic resources. She hopes to expand the program to offer more skill-building opportunities and, eventually, support these young girls in pursuing higher education and professional careers.

Vera’s diverse portfolio and extensive international experience reflect her ability to navigate global business landscapes. From her role as the Managing Director at Ivory Capital Asia, a boutique investment firm based in Singapore, to her ventures in Bali and the broader Southeast Asian region, Vera exemplifies the entrepreneurial spirit. She has also made strategic investments in various tech and crypto companies, showcasing her ability to identify promising opportunities in emerging markets.

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More than that, Vera Yanti Kretschmar is not one to rest on her laurels. She’s currently involved in a major project in Dubai, where she is set to open Mint, a nightclub, restaurant, bar, lounge, and private members club. With a history of success in locations like Shanghai and Hong Kong, Mint Dubai is poised to become a vibrant nightlife destination.

Additionally, Vera has taken on a passion project in Lake Como, where she’s renovating a villa and spending summers in the beautiful Italian region.

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Vera’s advice to those looking to navigate the complex world of global business is simple but profound. She believes that the right time to start something is never “perfect.” The beautiful lady encourages aspiring entrepreneurs “to start with a side hustle while working a regular job. Embrace hard work and perseverance, be prepared to face challenges, and take the leap of faith. Besides that, flexibility is important, as the journey to success often involves adapting and evolving,” she said.

The global success of Vera Yanti Kretschmar, and her dedication to impacting underprivileged girls, epitomize the essence of a true visionary. She inspires entrepreneurs and investors worldwide with her belief that “anything is possible through passion and purpose.”

The vision and entrepreneurial spirit of Vera Yanti Kretschmar 3

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