The sensual Latin beauty of Maria Vicario

Maria Vicario is a beautiful, young Venezuelan model known for her sexy, contemporary and captivating representation of Latin American beauty.

Venezuela, with a population of 28 million people, is a cultural melting pot with a diverse mix of many nationalities including Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Arab, and African settlers. Much of the population are known as “mestizo” having mixed with the local indigenous people. This leads to an incredibly diverse and exotic-looking society. It is of no surprise that Venezuala has spawned so many beauty queens. Maria Vicario both inherits and presents this exotic sense of style to the world. She is building her modeling profile beyond the borders of her home country, driven by her passion and relentless drive for fashion and art.

A perfectly toned and curvaceous body, healthy tanned skin, and a confident demeanor are vital ingredients to her appeal. Maria has performed as a dancer in over 40 music videos supporting many famous artists from around the world such as rapper Bad Bunny from Puerto Rico, singer J Balvin from Columbia, and Nicky Jam and Arcángel from the US. She has also appeared on the cover of several prestigious international publications. Maria Vicario is now taking the next step of her journey to share her unique personality and beauty with her followers. She is gracing the cover of the October 2021 issue of Harper’s Bazaar Vietnam.

From a model student to a professional model

Maria Vicario has felt passionate about art since childhood. She always enjoyed being the center of attention at family gatherings. She loved to take center stage. Vicario would always push herself forward to perform at community events and activities. Therefore she won lots of beauty contests during her teenage years.


Maria Vicario recalls, “In Caracas at the University, during a beauty contest, I represented the school of anthropology. I liked doing promotional work, marketing, events for children, and getting involved with the public, so slowly I began to build a personal modeling brand.” Maria took to the global stage for the first time in 2016. The model appeared in her first video supporting two of Puerto Rica’s most iconic singers, Ozuna and Bad Bunny. Their interpretation of the reggaeton style of music is globally renowned. The Archeology student had officially graduated now from a model student to a professional model.

Maria has become a fixture in many glitzy and glamorous music videos supporting several international stars. However, the production of Ven Y Hazlo Tu, a collaboration between J Balvin, Anuel AA, Nicky Jam, and Arcángel, left the greatest impression on her. “The objective of the video was to show abject ostentation: the money, the luxuries that music stars possess. As a humble girl from Venezuela, I was a bit overwhelmed by the mansions and jewels used in production!”.

The sexy, seductive, sultry, and sensual style of Maria Vicario

In addition to her career as a model in music videos, Maria has also enjoyed walking the runway at various fashion shows and has graced many fashion shoots always projecting a healthy, feminine, exotic, and glamorous vibe. A highlight of Maria Vicario’s Instagram profile is those posts of her wearing bikinis and lingerie with bold cut-out designs, accentuating her perfect curves. Maria confesses, “I’m from a very hot country and I love being in the sun on the beach, and that’s part of what I am. As a Latin woman, I love sensuality and being exposed.”

Continuous improvement

Her next life goal is to widen her perspective beyond the modeling industry. Maria Vicario told us, ever since she was little, she has enjoyed singing, dancing, and acting. Her next goal is to become an actress. Vicario understands that “it requires a lot of preparation. I want to do it in the best way. I have not yet decided whether to study acting in English or in Spanish. That is why I am trying to perfect my English to learn the most efficient and professional technique.”

Maria appreciates her natural gifts but also acknowledges her own shortcomings and has a relentless desire to improve and describes herself as a dreamer. “I never stop dreaming. I am an inveterate dreamer… because dreams are just whispers from one’s soul”.

“I love to use my eyes; I love to project depth with my stare; and I love that my body speaks for me.”
– Maria Vicario –

**Production team**

Talent: Maria Vicario
Photographer: José Guerra
Stylish: Rosdanny Agüero
M.U.A.: Samantha Saldias
Hair: Carla Nicole
PR: LSA publications


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