Tabassum Hughes – Mastering the art of leveraging opportunities

Her name is synonymous with determination and transformative impact. Tabassum has emerged as a key figure in the world of international investments and philanthropy.

Tabassum Hughes – Mastering the art of leveraging opportunities 1

Tabassum Hughes. Photo: Jim Jordan. Coat, Akira.

Tabassum Hughes grew up in a family of nine children in Mumbai, India. Her challenging upbringing has sculpted her into the resilient, compassionate, and inspiring individual she is today. Tabassum’s journey took her across continents to the bustling streets of London. Here she immersed herself in the intricate world of property investment, dedicating herself to mastering the art of leveraging opportunities.

The meeting with Spike Hughes resulted in their marriage a decade ago. Their union bore fruit in the form of a beautiful family, with their son Henry and stepdaughter Victoria at its heart.

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Beyond the realms of domestic bliss, her indomitable spirit and business acumen have driven her to invest in India’s transformation into a global economic powerhouse. Alongside her husband, she has championed the cause of channelling resources into growth.

Built upon her upbringing, Tabassum’s mission is to unite global affluence with India’s economic potential, signifying her return to her roots. Her adeptness in nurturing relationships with notable figures worldwide has been pivotal in this endeavour.

Tabassum Hughes – Mastering the art of leveraging opportunities 2

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Amidst her achievements, Tabassum Hughes remains grounded in her core values. Her vocal advocacy for a foundation dedicated to children with cancer and underprivileged youth, particularly in the UAE and India, underscores her commitment to a better world. Tabassum’s compassion extends to her role as a mother, where she ensures her own children are grounded in humility and empathy.

Beyond the boardrooms and spotlights, Tabassum finds solace on the shores of Palm Jumeirah in Dubai, a home that mirrors her aspirations – unbounded and expansive. Her love for the ocean and travel is a testament to her adventurous spirit, a quality she eagerly imparts to her children.

As she journeys through life, Tabassum’s message is clear: to rise above adversity, empower through investment, and touch lives through acts of kindness – a true visionary for our times.

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HBZVN: How would you describe yourself to people that don’t know you?

TABASSUM HUGHES: Strong values and belief system. Courageous, keen to pursue challenges that have value and are within my reach to attain.

HBZVN: What is one of the happiest moments in your life?

TABASSUM HUGHES: As a child, getting to know and bonding with my parents has remained my happiest memory. Then, as an adult, getting married to Spike and being blessed to become a mother.

Tabassum Hughes – Mastering the art of leveraging opportunities 3

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HBZVN: What is the best advice you’ve been given and how have you adapted it in your life/work?

TABASSUM HUGHES: To always be positive and happy and find ways to bring the best out of any situation.

HBZVN: What is one message you would give to people who have lost their way?

TABASSUM HUGHES: Find something to be really focussed on as your goals. Work hard, keep trying and keep fighting for your dreams and never give up.

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HBZVN: Tell us about your primary career and business focus today?

TABASSUM HUGHES: I have been a core pillar and active contributor within our asset management business Cohesion since day one.

HBZVN: Cohesion’s capability is knowing how to make money for investors and that’s the brand we want to be known for.

TABASSUM HUGHES: However, what particularly makes me proud is that Cohesion’s focus is making money for our international investors by investing in the India stock market which is the country that I am from. I firmly believe that India has become the most attractive investment destination globally for the next decade and beyond. A country with the world’s largest population, yet filled with youth, aspiration, energy, vision to improve and grow. Many of the world’s leading commentators are forecasting that India will create more new wealth in the coming years than any other market.

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HBZVN: How is your business Cohesion able to truly unlock the investment potential that India offers?

TABASSUM HUGHES: My husband Spike identified India as a huge growth story and investment destination for global investors a long time ago – it was one of the things that really united us when we first met all those years back. I have never met a foreigner so passionate about the prospects for my country India.

It is our conviction that having identified a big growth market, like India, it is very important to have access that most investors simply don’t have, only available by partnering with one of the world’s most successful investment managers who can unlock the market’s full potential.

We have been very fortunate to partner with a legendary investor in India named Madhusudan Kela (Madhu), one of the most successful India stock market investors over the last 30 years. His track record has been extraordinary, not just when compared to peers in India but also when compared to the best of the rest of the world. Madhu and Spike have been very dear friends for nearly 15 years now with a shared vision to connect wealthy investors around the world with the growth potential that India offers them. Combining their respective skill sets became a marriage made in heaven!

Tabassum Hughes – Mastering the art of leveraging opportunities 4

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HBZVN: What is your current philanthropic and charity focus?

TABASSUM HUGHES: We have established the Cohesion Foundation in order to donate a proportion of our company profits towards helping the critical causes of children covering three broad areas (1) Sick children, (2) Orphan children and (3) Under-privileged children in poverty.

Our first initiative is to sponsor a Guinness World Record attempt, by Jimmy Wright in Dubai to raise funds for the Al Jalila Foundation. He is attempting to beat an existing Guinness World Record, that is to cycle from the Ras Al Khaimah, across the United Arab Emirates, to the Saudi Arabian Border, over 600km and to beat the current record of 41 hours and 47 minutes.

This is an almost unimaginable mental and physical challenge, and we are proud to be backing Jimmy in this to raise money for children with cancer.

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HBZVN: What would you like the world to remember about you?

TABASSUM HUGHES: Career wise, that I am a proud Indian and part of Cohesion, an asset manager that makes money for its investors by providing them with unique access to the growth story of India. In philanthropy, that I made a difference to children that needed help.

Tabassum Hughes – Mastering the art of leveraging opportunities 5

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