Sarah Mollica Rafferty is proud of being sexy

Sarah Mollica Rafferty said about herself, "I’m proud of being sexy and not ashamed of my body. It’s who I am."

In the dynamic realm of modeling, where superficial perceptions often overshadow genuine personalities, the twenty-five-years-old Sarah Mollica Rafferty emerges not just for her striking looks but for the depth of her character.

A cultural tapestry

Hailing from Clovis, CA, a small suburban town with a rich cultural tapestry, Sarah’s heritage is a mosaic of Arabic, Irish, and Sicilian Italian roots. Her family, a fusion of different traditions, has played a significant role in shaping her character.

“I have always been confident. Both of my parents raised me to be proud of who I am and that has always stuck with me through adulthood. I am forever grateful. I have my mom, older sister, cousins, and so many women in my life who have been such an influence for me and shaped me into the woman I am.” In her conversation, Sarah constantly emphasizes the importance of family and the influence of her Palestinian heritage, where culinary traditions were passed down through generations.

Sarah describes her personal character, “I’m an Aries. I don’t know that I believe in astrology that much, but mine lines up pretty well. Aries are fiery, passionate, and extremely decisive, which fully describes me.” She has three cats. “I love animals. I grew up around them and couldn’t imagine a home without them,” she reveals.

Her modeling journey is marked by resilience and a sense of confidence

At the age of sixteen, Sarah’s life took an unexpected turn when she was scouted for modeling. Opting for online high school, she embraced the flexibility that modeling offered, allowing her to travel and work. “I am really lucky because I have a hard time following a strict schedule,” she says. To thrive in the cutthroat world of modeling, resilience is key. Sarah attributes her ability to navigate the industry to her thick skin and unyielding confidence, instilled in her by her parents. “Growing up I did whatever I wanted, no matter what anybody said. I’m really hard headed and can make a decision quick and stand by it,” Sarah humorously claims herself to be “the wild child of the family.”

Not glossy photographs but fulfillment of dreams

Sarah got married at twenty three years old, and her husband was twenty seven at the time. “He is my high school sweetheart.” In her view, “Marriage is hard work at any point in life. That being said, I’m so grateful I have found my love at a young age and am happy we get to create a life together. He is my home.”

Unapologetically sexy, Sarah takes pride in her body. Her husband supports her fully, “I think he is really proud of my modeling and the woman I have grown to be. A lot of people think once you get married that needs to change but he loves me as I am, he trusts my judgement. You can be sexy and a respectable wife and that’s that.” Together, the couple co-owns a company called Paradise Smokes, a testament to their shared dreams and dedication.

Looking forward, Sarah envisions a life beyond the glitz and glamour of Los Angeles. Her dream includes moving to the countryside, living on a farm surrounded by animals—a vision that aligns with her photos published in this article. With a keen focus on fitness and health, Sarah sees her career evolving in that direction.

For Sarah Mollica Rafferty, success is not just measured in glossy photographs but in the richness of one’s relationships and the fulfillment of personal dreams. “I would just love a happy, loving life with a big family. Family is my true purpose of life.”

Model: Sarah Mollica Rafferty @sarahmollica.
Photographer: Alex Stone @alexstonephoto.
Makeup: Bridget O’Donnell @bridgetodonnellmakeup.
Hair: Jaycee Mniraid @ jayceemnirajd.
Stylist: Boyd Sloan @boydsloan.
PR: Say Media @say__media.

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