Ximena Kipp, “Modeling is a means to express my passion for fashion”

Having graduated with a degree in Communications and Journalism, the beautiful Latino model found her love with fashion & investment.

Kimena Kipp on Harper’s Bazaar Vietnam 2022 New Year cover. Top: Tom Ford. Skirt: Wade Allyn. Bag: Dsquared2. Shoes: Jimmy Choo. Sunglasses: Tom Ford. Jewelry: Patrici Robalino.
On robot: Dress: Oscar de la Renta. Robotics: Manuel Albarran. Boots: Seta Apparel

In her glamorous pink dress, Ximena Kipp literally brightens up Harper’s Bazaar Vietnam cover for the New Year issue. Once graduated with a Communications and Journalism degree, Ximena started out her career as a model and actress. With her move to Miami, the beautiful Latino actively started to invest in private equity, a career path that filled her with new opportunities and learning curves.

Catsuit and coat, Emilio Pucci. Bronze breast plate, Manuel Albarran. Jewelry, Patricia Robalino.

From a beautiful model and actress to a humble private equity investor

Ximena Kipp was born and raised in Colombia. Graduated with a Communications and Journalism degree, she changes her path to modeling and acting. “Modeling is a means to express my passion for fashion,” she explains. Being a fashionista, Chanel, Dior, Alaïa, Hermès are always her go-to couture choices. In fact, her favorite is the Hermès Kelly Croc 25 that she carries everywhere. “This bag is a classic that I will treasure and enjoy all my life and pass onto my child when I have one.”

On Ximena: Dress, Hana. Brass shoulder piece, Manuel Albarran. Rings, Patricia Robalino. Shoes, Jimmy Choo On Vinny: Bodysuit Sheddefender. Harness, Lidia May.

Following her acting experiences, Kipp started working with political campaigns strategists. The work experiences, she reflects, have given her opportunities to meet wonderful people from all kinds of backgrounds. In 2015, the beautiful Latino model moved to Miami. Explaining why Miami was her destination, Kipp simply says, “I wanted to be in a more cosmopolitan city with its Latin influence.” Through her social networks there, Kipp gets involved in the private equity environment. “I learned first-hand with the investors how to analyze the foundations of a business and its evaluation processes. Really it was and still is an ongoing process of learning by doing,” says Kipp humbly.

Dress, Isabel Sanchis. Jewelry, Patricia Robalino.

As Kipp shares with us her experiences as an investor, she also advises that when making a decision to invest, we should really know the principles behind the business and understand the potential of its business model, but more importantly, the ability of the principals to execute its path forward.

Dress, Nicole + Felicia. Gold harness, Lidia May. Butterfly pin, Patricia Robalino.

The fairytale marriage of Ximena Kipp

In 2019, she married her husband, Mr. Timo Kipp. The wedding ceremony took place at The Breakers in Palm Beach, Florida. Kipp looked no different than a princess walking out from a fairy tale. Reminiscing the day, she told Harper’s Bazaar: “It was a magical day where time stood still, then whisked away in a fairy tale dream. Everything just flowed beautifully and all the elements came together like a beautiful concert where the memory of the music still resonates.”

Dress, Isabel Sanchis Costura. Bag, Dsquared2. Jewelry, Patricia Robalino.Gloves, Vintage.

Kipp’s husband is always supportive of her in her career. From their first blind date, Kipp and her husband already felt like they were each other’s soulmates. She jokingly told us how they clicked within minutes as if they were just meant to be. “What’s more,” she said, “he takes lead in helping me to manage the coordination of the different brands, photoshoots and is assisting me in the decision-making processes of my private equity investments.” Travelling is also another passion of the beautiful Ximena Kipp. The experiences from the trips around the world expose her to different cuisines and cultures.

Metallic bodysuit, Augusto Manzanarez. Helmet, cufflinks. Shoulder piece: Manuel Albarran.

When Harper’s Bazaar asked her about her plan for 2022, Kipp revealed that she would spend more time with her family. She hopes that they could have a trip to Vietnam to see in person the beautiful scenery of Halong Bay – the destination that she had heard and read so much about.

Dress, Hana. Head piece, Yana Markova. Jewelry, Patricia Robalino. Shoes, Jimmy Choo.

Production team

Model: Ximena Kipp @ximenavibes
Photographer: Jorge Duva @jorgeduva
Stylist: Verónica Porras @veroporraslizano
Makeup: Javier Martinez @blumindinc
Hair: Pablo Rivera @pabloriveraart
Photographer Assistant: Junior Rojas @jrjunior12
Video: Juan Duva @premar_productions
K-9 Model: Vinny Kipp
Art Direction: Joey Rolon @joeyrolon
Stylist Assistant: Ximena Silva.

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