Model Marie Latka learned how to avoid injuries

The former vaulter Marie Latka turned model after an unexpected encounter with a model scout. What is her plan for the coming year?

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The 25-years-old model Marie Latka is from Germany. She is full of energy and proves to be a true warrior. You will completely agree with that comment when you know that she started training as a professional vaulter – doing acrobatic on horseback – from the age of 4!

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Marie Latka the vaulter

Marie Latka wanted to start riding, “but I was too young. The trainer asked if I wanted to start these acrobatics. I said to my mom: Please! I was quite good. At 6, I got into high-level groups. I was younger than the others and much lighter. So I was the one on top. I was never scared because I started so young. I loved to flip around on top of someone else.”

How did she train? “Sometimes I fell very hard. Falling from somebody’s shoulders, who is standing on a horse at 1,90m height, you obviously got some injuries. But I kind of learned how to avoid injuries. We had to train on horseback. Naturally, the horse could not run for hours. So we trained as well on a wooden horse. Before and after practice, we had to run for half an hour. If we were not on the horse, we had to do a lot of weight liftings in between.”

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Her team competed in European competitions. “The German teams were always one of the tops,” the ex-vaulter laughed.

Over the years, Marie Latka started having problems with her knees and back, therefore had to quit vaulting. When she looked back, she loved this time and its memories. She said, “It made me so strong and focused. It taught me to never give up.”

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Marie Latka the model

At 18 she met a model scout in the streets. It changed her life. “Modeling and professional athletics are actually super similar. Like you have to eat healthily but not because someone is watching you. It’s because you want the best for yourself. And also you have a lot of competition. You have to be unique and you can’t let yourself down. You have to believe 1000% in your skills, in your potential, and in the things you can reach. If you really believe in yourself, you can get it.” That’s the religion of Marie Latka.

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Her favorite beauty brand is Dr. Fatem, a doctor from Dusseldorf, her hometown. He has developed a line for skincare which Marie Latka really loves. They are her must-haves for traveling as well as for her daily skin routine. She admitted she didn’t have a favorite fashion brand. But Marie Latka likes high-end brands such as Valentino and Balenciaga. She also loves Zara for daily wear.

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The German model likes to dress simple. She said, “I am down to earth. Anyway, I love to dress a bit sexy to show my feminine side.” Her little secret is “I’m obsessed with sneakers. I kind of wear sneakers every day.”

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It’s worth standing up for yourself

Marie Latka did not hesitate when we asked her about her life experiences and love relationships. She used to be with a very aggressive partner. “After years, I was kind of being used to this aggressiveness. I even thought it was my fault. He made me believe it was always because of me,” she recalled. During the pandemic, the situation got worse. She was sad and couldn’t find a way out of this depression. One day, with the help of her best friend, she made her decision. She escaped. “And it was the rightest decision I’ve ever made in my life,” she concluded.

Latka wanted to say to women who were in the same situation as hers, “It’s not ok to get treated like this. There is always a possibility to choose yourself and get better. Women are much stronger than we believe. Choose your freedom and your happiness.”

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Looking forward to a bright future

Marie Latka has been working as a model in Mexico while studying. She just finished her bachelor of sciences in psychology. Besides her modeling career, she also wants to be a neuroscientist or a therapist. She would love to do her master’s degree in the USA.

What is the slogan of her life? “If you don’t believe in yourself, who will do it?” she said. “You wanna do it, you can do it.”

Dress, @albertoaprezabrand.

The team 

Model: Marie Latka @marie_ltk
Photographer: Bryan Flores @bryanfls
Hair & Makeup: Davo Sthebané @davosthebane
Stylist: Emanuel Catrina @ecatrinaa
Studio: Foro_916
Fashion Agency: Marc Juan Communications @marcjuancomunicacion

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