Mishu Shrestha: “I want to take the brand MISHUS globally”

In the age of globalisation, a fashion brand must look beyond the borders to grow and thrive

Hương Ly for MISHUS Fall 2022 lookbook

Huong Ly is a well known model and contestant of Miss Universe Vietnam. But her latest photoshoot is not with a local Vietnamese brand. She recently appeared in the Fall 2022 look book of MISHUS, a fashion brand from Nepal.

Why would a Nepalese brand want to work from afar with a Vietnamese model? Mishu Shrestha, founder of MISHUS, explains: “For our Fall 2022 collection, we want to bring in more diversity, as well as see how a model, stylist and photography team in Vietnam would interpret my designs.” The designer is excited to see the results, “Huong Ly is a breath of fresh air. She has a great sense of style with an added bonus of great work ethics. My designs look incredible on her.”

Diversification is important to MISHUS as the brand look to expand globally. “Our main goals for 2022–2023 is to showcase at London Fashion Week. Also developing buyer relationships and product stockists abroad.” For a brand based in Nepal, not a fashion capital of the world, these goals are indeed full of ambition.

MISHUS, a brand born from the love of cashmere

Mishu Shrestha

Mishu Shrestha has 22 years of work experience in the manufacturing and hospitality business. Since young, she has been involved in the family-owned manufacturing business of high-end cashmere products and hand knotted carpets, as well as the hospitality business.

Currently, she serves as Director on the board of Radisson Hotel Kathmandu in Nepal. But her love of fashion pushed her to obtain a degree in fashion design from Milan. She launched her personal brand MISHUS in 2012.

Thanks to her experience with cashmere, Mishu Shrestha created vastly different designs using this material. For MISHUS, cashmere expand beyond scarves and stoles to transform into evening wear and bridal wear.

Hương Ly in a cashmere gown and jacket

MISHUS has learnt to develop proprietary patterns during manufacturing process of cashmere

“To expand globally, you need to give back to your community”

Mishu Shrestha is ecstatic upon learning that Huong Ly is an ambassador for Empower Women Asia, a non-profit organisation for the development of women in need. “A great initiative close to my heart in Nepal”, Mishu says.

There are much similarities between Nepal and Vietnam. Both countries have many crafts village in need to media and financial support, promoting the beauty of age-old traditions, to weather the modernisation of lifestyle. “We hope to support Huong Ly in her projects associated to weaving and textiles between Vietnam and Nepal, by sharing cultural techniques.”

Giving back to your community by working with local artisans is necessary to develop brand identity. Mishu explains that she could not have launched her own brand without the knowledge of cashmere, developed through the many years of working with minority women who weave her specialty fabric.

“Thanks to my expertise, I was able to become creative director of two fashion retail brands who specialise in cashmere ready-to-wear. It was then that I decided to follow my dream and create my own brand MISHUS.”

However, running your own brand is a different set of challenge, per Mishu. “Even though I had all that knowledge and experience, I had to learn so many things and work harder to achieve my KPI’s. Fortunately, I met Cee Langeveldt.”

Cee Langeveldt is now brand manager to MISHUS. “She works with me on a daily basis in developing my brand, focusing on fashion marketing and brand management, fashion events, trend forecasts and buyer analysis”, Mishu Shrestha explains. “She helps me dream bigger.”

Fashion is not an easy industry. For all young designers looking to enter this field, Mishu shares her advice: “Believe in yourself. What worked for another brand will not necessarily work for you, so remember not to compare and go at your own pace.” She also insists, “You need someone like Mrs. Cee! It is so helpful to have someone to bounce off ideas. And remember to give back to your community.

**Team Credit**

Fashion: MISHUS @mishusdesigns
Model: Huong Ly @huonglyy.ngg
Photo: Shinvox @voducthinhofficial
Stylist: Vo Anh Duy @_duyanh6
Makeup and Hair: Quach Vu Son
Mishus PR Agency: Jera Creative Agency @jera_creativeagency

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