Lindsey Coffey – Miss Earth 2020, the social activist

To Lindsey, these all translates as she is “creative, inclusive, cultured, passionate, and open-minded”

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Lindsey Coffey, Miss Earth 2020, is a model, a writer and a passionate activist. When we ask which of these identification she identify herself with, she says: “I identify with all of them. Each job is a representation of who I am as a person. How I think, what I stand for, and the energy I embody all come from each title. When I am introduced, those titles are what I want to be known for and how I wish to be remembered as each job offers a unique insight and perspective of the world and of the people around me”.

To Lindsey, these all translates as she is “creative, inclusive, cultured, passionate, and open-minded”. She was borned 1992, the beautiful pageant seemed to have it all at 30. She added, “for those who have trouble finding their path in life, simply ask yourself how you want to be introduced and how you wish to be remembered. That’s how you find your purpose and your true self”.

There is a mantra that the Miss Earth 2020 always tell herself: “Lindsey, no matter what you do, make sure you win”. She says further, “winning is defined in many ways. Of course you always want to come in first place, but that’s not the type of winning I’m talking about. Even if you lose, I want you to win. Win by becoming aware of your mistakes and learning how to correct them. Win by acknowledging your weaknesses and turning them into strengths”.

A vision toward the future

Outfit, Tuyet Le

Feminism, education, and self-expression are the things that Lindsey believes they would make the world a better place. Feminism is essential in this current world. It is an act of strength that is necessary to aid in the progression of human development and peace among all living things. Furthermore, education reform will add more courses associated with life skills, nature, mental health, and finances. Lastly, continuing to make strides in honoring self-expression and self-identity, learning to be more inclusive and understanding of the people who are different than ourselves, according to Lindsey.

“I see an uprising with our youth today, articulately and passionately fighting for the future they deserve”. The youth’s collective voice is being heard by our world leaders and that is the first step of change. There are still major obstacles we are facing but Lindsey has a hope that the necessary measures will be taken in order to protect the future of humanity and our planet guided by millennials and Generation Z.

The importance of travel

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In her conversation with Harper’s Bazaar Vietnam, Lindsey reveals what she loves about Miss Earth is the organization provides the opportunity for travel for all of their contestants.

“I am this person today because of my travels. I’ve immersed myself in many different worlds which has gifted me the ability to see life in many forms”. Immerse in the world, seeing a world different from your own, and interact with diverse cultures and people has allowed her to becoming open-minded, compassionate, and respectful to the world around her. Lindsey believes, if more people gained that knowledge and awareness, we would have more peace on this earth.

Lindsey was excited to meet Truong Ngoc Anh and learned that Vietnam will be the next host of Miss Earth 2023. “I’m very excited for Vietnam as it is known for being one of the most biologically diverse countries. Vietnam is also one of Asia’s fastest growing economies and I am curious to see the green innovation incorporated in the country’s rapid urbanization”.

Outfit, Tuyet Le

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