Ely Mova: Success knows no age limits

“Modelling is a kind of acting, though in different roles. There's a personality in every fashion look, and you need to have courage to show it,” Mova told HBVN

Ely Mova on the cover of Harper’s Bazaar Vietnam on 10/22.

Ely Mova on the cover of Harper’s Bazaar Vietnam on 10/22. Dress, C.O.B. Shoes, C.O.B. Jewels (rings, earrings), Swarovski

Ely Mova is a truly international model. Born in Saint Petersburg, she learned to model in Barcelona and walked on Los Angeles and New York runways. Her life is a constant whirlwind of travel, but “I am madly in love with what I do,” Mova exclaims. “I’m able to expand my horizons because of my profession. Thanks to shows and work with designers from different countries, by the age of 22, I’ve managed to visit many corners of the globe.”

Ely Mova was destined to become a model, but worked hard to come out on top

Ely Mova.

Top, C.O.B. Skirt, C.O.B. Hosiery, C.O.B. Sunglasses, Marine Serre. Shoes, Dior. Jewels (Earring), Balenciaga

Some people are born for a role. Such was modeling for Ely Mova. By the time she was 14, she had become more than 170cm tall, and naturally, stood out among her peers. “I easily passed the casting at the international modeling agency Unikomodels,” she recalled.

Though the teen model first participated in children’s fashion shows, Mova was quickly invited to join the grown-up’s runways.

Having joined the industry at the age of fourteen, now being twenty-two, Ely Mova is a veteran. She has learned the differences between requirements for catwalks and photoshoots, or even posing for individual styling, to make all her work exciting. “I love modeling since it’s a multifaceted field that lets me express myself in any way I like. It’s a kind of acting, whether posing for the cover of a magazine, working on a catwalk, or filming a new collection or a pop star’s music videos. There’s a personality in every fashion look, and you need to have courage to show it,” the model said

Modeling is not for the faint of heart. Fashion weeks are often chaotic and challenging behind the scene. Ely Mova called it a glamorous race. But the competitive environment brings out the fire in the young model. “Everyone looks at you. You feel chosen from a thousand of other models, having passed all the castings, selections, and fittings,” she explained. To prepare for the pressure, she regularly hits the gym to keep her body in shape. She practices before every audition. The success pays off, bringing high spirits every single time. “Crazy feelings!” is what Ely had to say about the energy at fashion weeks.

Ely Mova – A creative person never stops

Ely Mova is a top model from Russia.

Body Armor, MB. Sunglasses, Dior. Gloves, Klim. Leggins, Balenciaga. Shoes, Santoni

Ely Mova is grateful that she grew up in Saint Petersburg. The city’s bohemian and creative environment, filled with historic architecture, museums, theatre performances, and concerts, helped in forming her as a creative personality. “Since I was a child, I have loved drawing and creating beautiful images.”

Being driven by this creativity, Mova channels this energy through modeling and other works. Recently she decided to found her fashion brand, C.O.B., by collaborating with designer Alya Bitsyn. The brand’s motto is “to be free and fashion,” reflecting the youth’s mentality regarding dressing. “The fashion world is free like never before. Everyone is allowed to express themselves in any way. There are no strict gender rules you have to follow. So, ‘to be free and fashion’ means to express one’s personality in the way that one prefers,” Mova explained.

The cover of Harper’s Bazaar Vietnam on 10/2022.

Dress, C.O.B. Shoes, C.O.B. Jewels (rings, earrings), Swarovski

This philosophy is also reflected in the way Mova likes to dress, “I love freedom in all its manifestations, including clothing.” She conveys her thoughts by creating collections emphasizing maximum freedom of self-expression and the physical beauty of the body.

However, she also knows that driving a fashion startup is challenging. It will take time and effort to grow organically. “Our brand is just taking its first baby steps into the fashion world,” she said. For now, she is balancing her fashion act with modeling. “In addition, my plans and dreams are to participate in Asian fashion shows. I would love to join Vietnamese fashion weeks: Your designers are extremely talented and creative, and for me, it would be a great honor to work with them.”

Ely Mova hopes that her efforts as a model and creator will bring something new and creative to the future world.

Dress, C.O.B. Sunglasses, C.O.B. Shoes, Dries Van Noten

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Photographers: Kate Yak @kate_yak and Vitaliy Sechenov @sechenov_dop
Model: Ely Mova @ely.mova
Producer: Svetlana Lucky @svetlanalucky
Style: Alya Bitsyn @bitsyn_alya
Production designer: Tatyana Melnikova @tatianamelnikova
Gaffer: Valentin Pankov
Makeup: Mary Love @maryloveofficial
Hair artist: Dmitriy Abramovich @abramovich_hd
Nail artists: Grishina Yana @yanasfuckingnails and Saetgararva Olga @__onlynails__
PR: Nikolay Gurov @n_gurov

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