The crowning glory of Blerta Veseli, Miss Universe Kosovo 2020, Model, and Philanthropist

Blerta Veseli, Miss Universe Kosovo 2020, Model, Philanthropist 7

Blerta Veseli, a distinguished Kosovar beauty queen, model, and actress, was born in Gjilan, Kosovo. Standing at an impressive height of 175cm, she began her journey as a ballet dancer in her early years.

In a remarkable achievement, Blerta Veseli was crowned Miss Universe Kosovo 2020 on September 18, 2020, while simultaneously completing her final year as an architecture student.

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HBZVN: Blerta, tell us about yourself, what motivated you to get into modeling?

BLERTA VESELI: As a very ambitious and creative personality I noticed I was very interested in the fashion industry at a young age. For me, it’s my passion, also a way of earning a living while doing something I love so much! I know modeling is hard work, but what job isn’t a hard work? It’s something that I enjoy doing and at the same time  I can be good at.

I started modeling since I was 12, posing for various children’s brands. Then growing up I was part of runways in Europe and Istanbul, Turkey.

HBZVN: You successfully represented Kosovo at the Miss Universe 2021 pageant, what did this project give you?

BLERTA VESELI: In 2020, encouraged and supported by my family and friends, I decided to be part of Miss Universe Kosovo beauty pageant, where I won the title as Miss Universe Kosovo 2020, always supporting  and empowering the role of women in our society and in the world.

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After rigorous preparation, I had the privilege of representing Kosovo at Miss Universe 2021 in Miami, USA, in May. This experience proved to be one of the most enriching chapters of my life. It was a journey where I not only learned and grew personally but also shared numerous joyful and unforgettable moments with fellow contestants and the entire team.

HBZVN: What projects have you participated in, and where have you been most active??

BLERTA VESELI: In early 2021, at the age of 23, I relocated to Miami. Since that time, my career has significantly expanded.

America, renowned as a land of opportunity, offered me the chance to turn my dreams into reality, and I aspired to carve out a significant future for myself. Embracing long-term commitments, I became a brand ambassador and runway model for esteemed names such as Prettylittlething, Ohpolly, Guess, AdoreMe (Victoria’s Secret), and various other renowned brands.

I participated in major fashion events across the USA, gracing the runways of New York Fashion Week and Miami Swim Week. Ever-committed, I consistently offered my support at pivotal moments within the fashion industry, including prestigious gatherings like Vogue events and Sports Illustrated Swimsuit events in New York and Miami.

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HBZVN: Discussing your American dream, what are the key elements needed to turn it into reality?

BLERTA VESELI: America offers abundant opportunities and a vast networking landscape, but it can be challenging, especially in the initial stages. The beginning is invariably the toughest, yet my advice to anyone aspiring to come to America and fulfill their dreams is to persevere and keep pushing forward. Don’t give up until you reach that moment when you can proudly say, ‘I made it.’ I’m now 25 years old, and my life feels more fulfilling, all thanks to the challenges I faced but never gave up on. I split my time between Miami and New York, and I’m dedicated to pursuing numerous new, enjoyable, and thrilling projects on the horizon.

HBZVN: What, in your view, contributes to a girl becoming a successful model? Which personal qualities do you believe are essential to cultivate in this profession??

BLERTA VESELI: With enough passion and effort, achieving your desires is always possible. The journey to success may be challenging, presenting numerous difficulties, but maintaining consistency and holding onto your vision are crucial throughout.

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On a physical level, consistent exercise and a healthy diet are essential almost every day. Emotionally, my focus lies in staying present, finding joy, and having fun while putting in the effort to excel in each project. Additionally, it’s crucial to strike a balance between work and personal life.

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Model: Blerta Veseli @missblertaveseli.
Photographer: Alberto Gonzales @ag0nzphoto.
Stylist: Adriana Popovic @adrianapopovic.
Hair Artist: Brittney/Latto @lattomethod.
Makeup: Joanne Marchevsky @jojomartistry.
Producer: Say Media @say__media.

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