Amy Weber always stays a champion for women

Amy Weber's motto is “The answer is always no unless you ask.” The multi-hyphenated artist explains: "You have to at least attempt something before you say it won’t work or I can’t do it."

Amy Weber on the cover of HBVN March 2022. Gown, Viviane Valerius. Earrings, Lingua Nigra.

If you were a fan of World Wrestling Entertainment, you must know Amy Weber, one of the WWE Divas. The former professional wrestling valet has had a successful career after leaving WWE. She has played roles in numerous television series, movies, and theater productions. Weber has been the face of a Shiseido cosmetic campaign. She became a Billboard recording artist with such hits as Dance of Life featuring Sean Kingston and On and On featuring Romeo Miller aka Lil Romeo.

Amy Weber is a popular host and has been seen in a number of popular projects, including an exciting reality-based adventure series called Getaway, and USA Network’s hit series called Tens. This is a variety show centered around the beach.

Shorts Ensemble, Helen Anthony. Earrings, Lingua Nigra. Feather Heels, Blondish.

Chat with Amy Weber

HBVN: Dear Amy Weber, thank you for gracing our cover. As a multi-talented artist, what are your inspirations?

AMY WEBER: I have always been very driven, even as a child, but I got really sick in my early 20’s and after coming out of it, I realized that life was mine for the taking and the only thing holding me back from achieving my dream was myself.

Feather Two-piece Dress, Paola Estefania. Shoes, Enrico Cuini. Earrings, Lingua Nigra.

HBVN: Do you still remember the first time being on the WWE Smackdown stage? How did WWE change your life?  Were there any regrets when you left WWE?

AMY WEBER: Being a part of the WWE is hard to put into words. It is truly a world unto itself. My life got tilted on its head once I joined “Smackdown” as I was traveling literally every two days. I do remember the first time that I went on stage for the WWE. It was terrifying yet electrifying. The energy of the fans is unbelievable. I left the WWE because I had been severely disrespected by two of the top male talents. I’ve always been a champion for women. To stay after the incident with no apology or even an acknowledgment from management felt wrong, so I was off onto my next path.

Feather Two-piece Dress, Paola Estefania. Shoes, Enrico Cuini. Earrings, Lingua Nigra.

HBVN: We’re excited to see you return on screen with the docuseries LA Boss Mom where you give us a glimpse into your hectic life without a filter. Can you share with us some memorable moments during the filming?

AMY WEBER: I was approached by a production company that specializes in streaming content. They pitched the idea of me doing my own show and asked me what that might look like. It was important that it was not “scripted” or even “lightly scripted” as most reality shows are. I wanted to show others that the limits placed on us are within. We can do anything we set our minds to, even if we are raising children. I recently shot an episode at a house that my husband was asking me to potentially flip with him. I didn’t realize that it was literally at the end of a huge airport. Every time the camera rolled, a 747 decided to take off or land. You couldn’t hear a thing. It took longer than normal, but it was actually really funny.

Denim Jeweled Jacket, Morphine. Jeans with Overshirt, Morphine. Earrings, Mahrukh Akuly. Heels, Blondish.

HBVN: In episode 1 of LA Boss Mom, you said “your life is going 400 miles per hour”. How did you manage to balance your life between the different roles? What is an ideal day of your life?

AMY WEBER: I have to plan my entire day and stick to it. It may not seem romantic, but I even plan my time with my husband and children. We all have the same 24 hours in a day as people developing rockets, electric cars, and cures for diseases. Therefore, I don’t ever want to say “ I didn’t have time.” When someone did not have time, they did not “make” the time.

Denim Jeweled Jacket, Morphine. Jeans with Overshirt, Morphine. Earrings, Mahrukh Akuly. Heels, Blondish.

HBVN: In the show, you also feature your husband and your beautiful twins. First, what a beautiful family you have! How did they first react when you decided to make an unfiltered docuseries about your life? How did they show their support? 

AMY WEBER: Thank you so much. My entire family has been really supportive of whatever I get myself into. I am truly lucky. I think the kids even understand that it is important for me to help others through shared experiences. We have our amazing little family with myself and my husband, my twins Madison and Levi, our two dogs Jackson and Brownie, and our two mini Pygmy goats Muffin and Willow. We are just a fun family that works hard but also plays hard.

Dress, Temraza. Earrings, Lingua Nigra. Purse, Tiziano Colasante. Boots, Enrico Cuini.

HBVN: Without a doubt, you have an uncanny ability to combine beauty, wit, and athleticism. What are your top beauty tips?

AMY WEBER: I use a lot of mindset in my life and that also plays into fitness and beauty. The most beautiful people to me are happy and fulfilled people. If I am doing things that make me truly happy, then that spills over into wanting the strongest body and mind to support those things. With regards to fitness, I try to mix weight training with cardio, yoga, and pilates. What I eat plays an even bigger role. I found out a couple of years ago that I could not eat Gluten. As strange as this sounds, it was actually the best thing that could have happened to me as it forces me to eat fresh food. I know that a medley of fresh cucumbers, tomatoes, and avocado will never make me feel sick like processed food might. Also, cell turnover for my skin is very important. There is nothing worse than dry skin, so exfoliation is key.

Dress, Temraza. Earrings, Lingua Nigra. Purse, Tiziano Colasante. Boots, Enrico Cuini.

HBVN: How do you describe your fashion style? What are your favorite brands to go to?

AMY WEBER: I would describe my favorite fashion as relaxed chic. I don’t wear sweatpants, although there are some really fashionable sweatpants out there nowadays. I favor brands such as Reiss, All Saints, and Ba&sh.

Gown, Viviane Valerius. Earrings, Lingua Nigra.

HBVN: You were recently asked to serve as a chair on the committee for “Red Light Children”, a human rights non-profit organization aiming to end the demand for child slavery and exploitation. What can we expect from you with this new role? 

AMY WEBER: As a mom, I want to do anything I can to protect children even if they are not my own. I am really proud to be associated with an organization doing so much to end child trafficking and slavery. It means the world to me that this organization would trust me with something so important. It was started by my friend Guy Jacobson when he returned home from backpacking in Cambodia. He was approached by some incredibly young girls that were soliciting him. He found out that if they did not bring home money from their “work”, they would be beaten. He knew he had to do something to end this atrocity.

Gown, Viviane Valerius. Earrings, Lingua Nigra.

HBVN: Dear Amy Weber, as a mother/businesswoman/entrepreneur, what is one piece of advice you would have for our readers who want to achieve more and at the same time balance life?

AMY WEBER: I would tell women to first give themselves credit. If you can start with some self-love, things are a lot easier in life. I would also just tell them to find their “why.” When your “why” in life is so strong, it can withstand any amount of criticism and speed bumps. Find your purpose and never look back.

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