Abby Kheir on jumping into the Abyss and coming out on top in 2022

Abby Kheir has created a global fashion brand beloved by A-Listers and worn by the most prominent women in the world. She has taken the world by storm with her iconic label Abyss by Abby, setting the standard for all things class and style.

Abby Kheir is not just another fashion entrepreneur. She’s a master of her craft. The beautiful designer has taken the world by storm with her iconic label Abyss by Abby, the personal choice of any elegant leading lady to feel her most confident and sexy self-represented in bold and opulent styles. Creating a fashion brand from scratch is no easy feat, but Abby has grown a global company beloved by A-Listers.

Founded in Australia, Abyss by Abby is adored worldwide and has been worn by some of the most prominent names in Hollywood, who all turn to Abby to set the standard for all things class and style. It was Abby’s intimate understanding of fashion, her sharp trend forecasting abilities, and her unmatched dedication to authenticity and vulnerability as a designer has kept her at the top of her game. She will continue to pioneer and innovate as a fashion entrepreneur and truly shows no signs of slowing down. Her internationally renowned company has its sights set on a prosperous year ahead, and Abby is taking it all in stride.

Top & bottom, Dolce & Gabbana. Shoes, Versace

From Sydney to Hollywood: The world is an inspiration

What inspires Abby Kheir as a designer? “Inspiration can come to you in many different forms. I love people watching and travel,” Abby says. She further explains, “You could be sipping a cup of coffee on the streets of London and see a romantic elderly couple next to you being all-affectionate. My imagination will run wild to what life might have been for them when they met. I will imagine him picking her up in his convertible Mercedes-Benz and her in a beautiful flowing white gown with a fur coat over her shoulders. And my next collection will start from there.”

The Abyss by Abby woman, in Abby’s definition, is confident and sexy, someone who is at the centre of attention.

Top & bottom, Dolce & Gabbana. Shoes, Versace

The beautiful Australian fashion designer makes the whole process sound simple, but it takes someone with a great passion for fashion to make all it works so seamlessly. “One thing I have learnt is that you can’t force where your inspiration comes from. Prioritize what feels right at the time. Fashion is so fast. You can’t work on a timeline”, she says. Abby did not set out to be a fashion designer, but she fell in love with the industry and embraced the challenge.

From Sydney to Hollywood, Abby Kheir has turned affordable sexiness into a multimillion-pound business and dressed not one but many of the top Hollywood celebrities. Khloe Kardashian, Kylie Jenner, Sofia Richie, Becky G, Eva Longoria to name a few.

Top & bottom, Dolce & Gabbana. Shoes, Versace

“I worked with Khloe Kardashian on one of our last events and she was a pleasure to work with, so sweet and down to earth. I have always loved her style, she wears what she wants without following trends. And that’s a big part of Abyss by Abby. I have never followed trends.”

Be unique. Be different. Be you.

That’s Abby’s motto! The fashion designer is unafraid to express herself. “Do you. Do your vision. The one mistake I made when I first started was looking at too many other labels for inspiration.  Then I realized I was never going to be unique if I kept my eye on what they were doing,” as she remembers her early days.

Dress, Herve Leger

It was not always an easy ride for the young entrepreneur but Abby definitely did not give up on her vision. “I had a lot of doors closed in my face at the start. My fist collection was shot with real women-girls (at that time, it was unheard of, companies where all using stick thin models). Australian Magazines, PR companies didn’t understand my vision and it would have been easy to conform to what they thought my label should be. But I stuck to my vision for the label and it worked in the long run”, she shares.

With this said, just like in her business, Abby is also an it woman who was born to stand out. Her followers love how raw, honest and confident she is on her social media. “Beauty is what you feel and what you see on social media is not always real. So yes, I love showing my followers my pictures before editing at times. But I’m still a girl and I edit also. And that’s okay too. Do whatever makes you happy” she comments.

Top/Jacket, Twenty Fall. Skirt, Scanlan Theodore. Shoes, Louis Vuitton

What’s next for Abby Kheir?

Abby starts the label as a hobby, but she has created a global brand from Australia into the United States. “Coming from owning a chain of retail stores, which I did to earn money and to enable me to also spend time at home as my son was growing up. I’ve never put too much pressure on myself with the label because I want to keep doing this for as long as I still love it. So wherever this takes me is a blessing.”

For 2022, growth will be a key priority for Abyss by Abby in the year ahead. “After nearly two years of disruption, the fashion industry is once again finding its feet. Companies are adapting to new consumer priorities and digital marketing is providing a nexus for growth. Still, the industry faces significant challenges amid supply-chain disruption, patchy demand, and persistent pressure on the bottom line,” she explains.

If you ask her what most impactful luxury trends of 2022, it will be “More emphasis on color especially ‘mix & match’ with pink on orange on blue.”

Top, Herve Leger. Pants, Zara Shoes, Jimmy Choo. Sunglasses, Christian Dior

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