Moh Gharavi and Mahnaz Afshar, allies of Iranian woman

Mohammad Gharavi and Iranian actress Mahnaz Afshar collaborated on a fashion shoot to call for the freedom and equal rights for Iranian women

Mohammad Gharavi is a long term collaborator of Harper’s Bazaar Vietnam. Usually, he creates photo stories based on the natural beauty of women. But for this special fashion shoot, he confided in us that he wants to do something for Iranian women.

He said, “In the last 40 years, Iranian women had to fight for their freedom. Freedom which should be their basic right. I want the women of my country to walk freely, look freely, laugh freely, be able to choose heir clothes freely, and live freely”.

Thus, Mohammad Gharavi created a passion project together with Mahnaz Afshar. She is one of the most popular Iranian actresses, who has always fought for the freedom of women. However, for the past few years, she had to leave Iran behind.

“To me, [Mahnaz Afshar] is a representative of the modern Iranian women, who has had to leave her whole life and the fame in Iran, has to distance herself from her homeland for freedom”, Mohammad Gharavi said.

Talking about the collaboration with Mohammad Gharavi, Mahnaz Afshar said: “We women should be released from our cocoon like a butterfly. We cry for freedom and fly towards the light and we know that the end of this flight is freedom”.

This photo series from Mohammad Gharavi and Mahnaz Afshar is dedicated to all the women of Iran.

**Team Credit**

Photographer, Art & Stylist: Mohammad Gharavi @mohammadgharavi
Model: Mahnaz Afshar @mahnaz_afshar
Fashion: Mode Du Nord Oldenburg @dunordoldenburg
Hair & Makeup: Bita Zand @bita__zand


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