Dimensions features model Ashley BeLoat. Photo by Belva Chan

Every angle has a different speed of light, moment in time, and movement in space.

Dimensions | Ashley BeLoat | Belva Chan 1

Model: Ashley BeLoat. Photographer: Belva Chan.

In a realm where each angle unveils a distinct cadence of light, a unique moment in time, and a nuanced choreography in space, this location became the canvas for an editorial endeavor titled “Dimensions.” Each look featured a different light setup, unique angles, and creative poses, creating a multidimensional tapestry of artistry. The captivating model, Ashley BeLoat, took center stage, beautifully captured through the lens of the talented photographer, Belva Chan.

Photographer: Belva Chan @belva_chan.
Model & Wardrobe Stylist: Ashley BeLoat @ashleybeloat.
HMUA: Sonali Krisa @sona.muah.
Retouching: Yana Kanarovets @retouchingboom.

Harper’s Bazaar Vietnam