Broadway Glam: A contradict story between on stage and reality

Photographer JK Wong shot a Broadway story with model Nayana Vishva in downtown Los Angeles, California

Broadway is not just road in Manhattan, New York. It is also known as the heart of the American commercial theatrical industry. When it comes to Broadway, everyone is well-reminded of the Golden Age. Broadway also represents the highest commercial level of live theatres, with 41 professional theatres. Broadway is without doubt one of the most prestigious stage in the world. This place gathers the quintessence and talents of the arts. What’s more, Broadway is truly one of the traditional cultural symbols of New York.

For any audience, Broadway always brings an experience of grandeur, over-the-top glam with the space, architecture, sound, light, etc. Each musical brings the audience to a different world, where they are immersed from the very first moment to the last. It’s frivolous, but Broadway is often known for its gritty stories, reflective the ‘street’ life than ‘glammy’. Appreciating the contrast, photographer JK Wong captured contrast works compositionally in her photos reflect the glitz that appears we leave reality behind.

Dress, RVNG @rvngcouture. Jewelry, House of Emmanuelle @houseofemmanuelle

Broadway Glam: Leaving behind the reality

Broadway Glam is a story reflecting the contrasting worlds of Broadway, a world between glam and grit. It is a fairy tale fantasy where the girl is free to dress up beyond fabulously without having to worry about the reality of a dry-cleaning bill, or unwittingly drawing attention to yourself from those with bad intentions. Here, the photographer JK Wong and the model Nayana Vishya wants to deliver a message that life is always full of colours. Sometimes we should just stay fabulous and leave behind the worries of reality to live in the moment.

Dress, RVNG @rvngcouture. Jewelry, House of Emmanuelle @houseofemmanuelle. Boots, @robertstandhish

Dress, Karen Sabag @karensabagofficial. Jewelry, House of Emmanuelle @houseofemmanuelle

Dress, Seyit Ares @seyit.ares. Jewelry, House of Emmanuelle @houseofemmanuell

Dress, RVNG @rvngcouture. Jewelry, House of Emmanuelle @houseofemmanuelle

Dress, Sukeina @s.u.k.e.i.n.a. Jewelry, House of Emmanuelle @houseofemmanuell

Dress, Marchesa @marchesafashion. Jewelry, House of Emmanuelle @houseofemmanuelle


Photographer: JK WONG @jkishere

Makeup: Mila Kwan @makeupmilakwan

Makeup assistant: May Sophie @maysophiie

Hair: Annabelle Cushman @annabelle.cushman

Stylist: Bianca Agrusa @bianca_agrusa

Model: Nayana Vishva @nayana_vishva

Photo assistant: Christopher Zog @the_general_zog

Videographer: Peak Yan @peak.yan

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