A vision of Gentle and Strong by Nika Vekilova

Embrace the elegance of resilience in your style – let your wardrobe reflect the gentle strength that weathers life's storms with unwavering grace.

Transporting you to the captivating echoes of Tsaktubo, our latest fashion editorial unfolds within the walls of two enchanting relics from the 1950s – Sanatorium Medea and Shaxtiori, standing as silent witnesses to a bygone era in west-central Georgia.

The architectural prowess of these abandoned landmarks serves as an exquisite backdrop, intertwining the allure of the past with the vigor of the present. Each frame captures the harmonious dance between the structural grandeur of the sanatoriums and the ethereal beauty of our model, creating a visual narrative that resonates with both history and contemporary style.

Leather, chains, and mesh garments become the threads weaving through time, embodying a duality of strength and gentleness. The garments find kinship with the stoic walls of the sanatoriums, mirroring the resilience embedded in their weathered surfaces.

As the lens explores the intricate details of the fashion collection, it unveils a story of juxtaposition – the tough, tactile embrace of leather against the delicate caress of mesh, accentuated by the subtle glint of chains. This editorial doesn’t merely showcase fashion; it encapsulates an immersive journey through time and texture, where the echoes of Tsaktubo’s history resonate in every carefully curated ensemble.

Step into this evocative realm where fashion and heritage converge, and let the arresting visuals speak of a harmonious dialogue between the strength of architectural legacy and the gentle grace of contemporary style.

**Team Credit**

Photographer: Nika Vekilova @nikavphotography
Model: Gunay Musayeva @musayeva__gunay
Wardrobe: Uventa @uventaofficial
Retouch: Retouch Concept @retouchconcept
Art Direction & Color Grading: Nika Vekilova @nikavphotography

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